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Terms and Conditions -

We encourage our users and clients herein referred to as 'you', 'yours', 'them', 'they’, and 'theirs' to read the entire terms and conditions document, so that there is a hassle-free relationship between you and Careersgen. Careersgen website herein the document will be referred to as 'we', 'us', 'our' and 'ours’. This document is prepared with the consent of our core management team. The only purpose of this document is to keep a level of transparency between us and our clients and users, so that they can make the maximum benefit out of our website, which will in turn be a win-win situation for both of us.

Age Limit:

All the users and clients should be 18 years of age or older. Once who are less than 18 years of age, then we encourage parental supervision, or guidance from their immediate elders.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The content, images, links, third-party links, animations, graphics and other important matter on the website is the sole proprietary of Careersgen. We request that no one except Careersgen recognized team can use the intellectual property of our website, lest it would be illegal to do such act. If the content is required, then they can do so by taking the necessary permission from the Careersgen authorized team members. The content of our website should not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes without the consent of Careersgen recognized team.

Job Seekers:

1. A jobseeker must at all times protect his username and password.

2. A jobseeker can upload his resume as and when required free of cost.

3. A jobseeker once obtaining the username and password will be wholly responsible for maintaining the information pertaining to resume and other details at all cost. We will not be held responsible if your information is misplaced or lost.

4. When it comes to your resume, Careersgen will modify the resume if required to fit in our database. However, we will try to update if need be required.

5. If need be, our team will ask for any updations from you, which in turn will improve the likelihood of you getting a job more easily.

6. An individual under no circumstances should upload multiple resumes of themselves, as it is deemed not permissible. If we find that there are multiple resumes being uploaded on the same name by the same individual, then we are entitled to terminate the individual's account.

7. A jobseeker can add, modify, delete or can do any necessary changes pertaining to their resume and other job related details.

8. We encourage that you share your resume details only with employers/recruiters, who are looking out for feasible candidates who can fill in their particular job roles.

9. There can be an immediate discord between careersgen and the jobseeker; if we see to that you are violating the code of conduct. In some cases, we may even terminate the jobseeker's account.

10. If there are any disputes, then it will be tackled as per the Hyderabad jurisdiction and so under the necessary laws.

11. We expect that a jobseeker provides all relevant and true information and does not falsify us. The jobseeker at no cost should provide false or irrelevant information.


1. A Recruiter/advertiser will be provided with a username and password, once they successfully register themselves. They can make their choice and purchase the right package based on their needs.

2. Once a Recruiter/advertiser purchases a particular package, then they can trade with careersgen for the mentioned timeperiod.Once the time period gets to expire, we will intimate our recruiters to renew their package.

3. We will keep informed about the vacancy details to our recruiters. However, if by any chance we are unable to communicate with our recruiters, then we encourage themselves to take the lead.

4. We will provide you the necessary mail id's and login details, through which you can source for the candidates of your interest. With proper categorization based on job type, job roles, location, designation etc. You can easily find the candidates that befit your organizational needs.

5. All the vacancies posted by recruiters/advertisers at Careersgen website, will be viewed by public at large. However if the recruiter is interested in certain privacy options, then they can contact careersgen team, and someone from our team will guide you.

6. Careersgen will not be held responsible, if there are not many calls on the vacancies that you have posted and which is being displayed in the careersgen website.

7. The Recruiters/advertisers should not charge any fees whatsoever from the jobseekers who have found out about the vacancies in your company through Careersgen website.

8. If there is any information lost by the recruiter who has posted the necessary information, then we will not be held responsible. We encourage our recruiters that once they get the necessary login details, then after they have to entirely take care of their pertinent information.

9. Once we receive the necessary payment from the recruiter for the plan which they are ready to use, then after we will provide all the necessary details by way of which the recruiter can initiate their business undertakings.

10. All those recruiters who are interested to trade with Careersgen, should validate themselves as genuine and that they are carrying out their activities in a legal and honest manner.

11. All the legal disputes will be carried out under Hyderabad jurisdiction.

Additional terms applicable to Recruiters:

You will be solely responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your login details, profiles and passwords. You will not in any case share your details with any party temporarily or permanently. If your details are being used for unauthorized purposes, then you have to immediately notify to the careergen team, or else your account will be terminated.

Recruiters should also note that they are solely responsible for the job vacancies that they have posted. If by any chance you cancel your account or your account has been terminated, then all your resumes, other content, email lists will be deleted without notification.

Termination of users who infringe the information of other users::

A user (jobseeker/recruiter) at no cost should use other user’s information for any purpose whatsoever it might be. There is a strict code of conduct, wherein every user should only maintain their information and should not take any interest in using other user's information. Careersgen can take necessary action against those users who breaks or violates the code of conduct.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Careersgen, its employees, officers, directors, board members, third-party members, agents, suppliers from any claims, losses or demands arising from the appropriate or misappropriate use of careersgen website its content, its images, its links or any other aspect as such of our website. We also will not be held responsible for any breach arising out in terms of legal and accounting fees. If there is any settlement to be done, then we will send you the notice for the claims or any such matter.

Policy Changes:

The terms and conditions of Careersgen might change depending on the future requirements. We encourage both jobseekers and Recruiters to read this particular document frequently so that they can update themselves, if by any chance there are necessary changes being done to the terms and conditions of Careersgen.