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Privacy Policy for

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at

At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used.

The sole motive of preparing the privacy policy is to maintain a cordial relationship between us and our users. In this document Careersgen will be referred to as 'we', 'us', 'our' and 'ours'. Our users and clients will be referred to as 'theirs', 'them', 'you' and 'yours'. We want to make it crystal clear that all your personal information will be used for productive purposes only and for no other reason whatsoever it might be.

Links to third-party sites

Careersgen has got links to other sites. These are sites who we want to work with (or) are interested to collaborate with us. As we have no control whatsoever for these particular third-party sites, we will not be responsible if your data of any sort is being used by our third-party sites.So if you are interested to share your information then you can do so, but at your own cost.

Resume based Information / Personal Information

As you get registered and provide all your contact details along with your updated resume, it becomes the sole duty of Careersgen to manage your personal information in a well to do manner. All your personal information will be managed and used properly for future purposes, which can ultimately be beneficial to you. However if by chance your information is shared without our consent, then we will not be held responsible.

Sharing your Information

Careersgen provides flexibility, wherein based on your consent only will we share your information which includes your resume details with third-parties, for productive reasons which may include promotional campaigns, a new service or product which you might be interested in, job fairs, or any such activity that might be of use to you in your profession. Based upon your sole discretion only, will we go forward.

Updating your information

Being a global job portal, it becomes our utmost duty, to update your contact information. Our team will be in touch with you and so will encourage you to update your information for better visibility and reliable communication. However, if you think that there are no such updates from your end that has to be done,then it will be altogether fine with us. The end result is to offer you the best service, by gradually asking you for any updated information.

Online Payment and security

If you are an employer and are interested to purchase any of our packages, then we encourage online payment. If there is any flaw whatsoever in the online payment process, then we will try our level best to relieve the problem from our end. However, if still the problem persists then we will not be held responsible whatsoever the scenario might be. Finally, we do have foolproof online payment procedures, so you don't have to worry about the business part, and give us a chance to serve you fruitfully. Similarly, we take considerable time to implement online security mechanism for the effective functioning of our portal in terms of intrusion. We have taken effective measures in terms of securing our entire website from virus, malware or any other intruder software. If by any chance the online security of our portal does not function properly for any possible technical reasons, then we will not be held responsible.

Policy Changes

This particular privacy policy might change in the future if need arises. However only the relevant points will be changed. We will see to that our team keeps you updated on the future changes. On the other end, if for any reason, our team could not update you, then we would encourage you to visit this particular page and read the entire policy.

Acquisitions and related aspects

If in future Careersgen is merged with another organization, then your details may or may not be shared. However your consent will be taken before sharing your details, but if by chance your details are shared then you should not hold Careersgen accountable. Due to any or whatsoever business problem between us and the third-party arises, then Careersgen will contact you, but if due to any mishappening or technical glitch, we are not able to contact you, then Careersgen will be not be held responsible.

Opting out

If you doesn’t want to receive any promotional material from Careersgen, then you have an option to do so by opting out from our Careersgen account. However, you have to send a formal email to our team, and gradually our team will process your request.

Solving Disputes

If by any chance a dispute arises between us and our customers, who can be a candidate, individual, company, employer, third-party or any other resource who are directly or indirectly doing business with Careersgen, then a sequence of legal steps have to be followed in order to resolve the issue amicably.